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We have been into Online Health Coaching for 4+ years now & fortunate enough to have worked with 10000+ clients.

We take pride in claiming to have transformed thousands of people. And this has given us “little” experience and wisdom about Health and Fitness Coaching. We have learnt it the hard way but now we want to “pay it forward” through MHB Academy, share this knowledge and strengthen our community.

There are millions of people waiting for “us” coaches to help them achieve their health goals and save them from lifestyle diseases. The pandemic has been an eye opener for many. Health has definitely become a priority.

So, let’s together transform them physically (and mentally), one client at a time, one family at a time.








People Tansformed


Kgs Total Weight Loss


The course covers all aspects of health coaching one MUST know to start their journey into this career and it is taught by the best of MHB’s coaches.

This 6 week course mainly includes :

  • Basics of Human Anatomy and Nutrition
  • Mathematics and Art of Diet Planning
  • Exercise plans for beginner/advanced clients
  • Habit formation for lasting results
  • Effective Client communication skills
  • Client Handling and coaching for new mothers/ postpartum cases. 
Embark on a successful journey in the ever-evolving fitness industry!


With Internationally Certified and Experienced coaches, we lay down the foundation for a promising career as an Online Health Coach.


Read from our former students how this course helped them evolve as a coach.


Your questions answered

I don’t want a job with MHB as a coach, can I still take up this course?

Yes, you can! The opportunity to become a coach is just one of the many benefits of enrolling in this course. Others being: 

  • A practical experience to work with live clients, a feature that only few courses offer.
  • Adequate nutrition & fitness knowledge to become a coach so that you can practice on your own.

Additionally, this is a great course to take up if you’re thinking about shifting your career but want to experience what it’s like to be a coach before making the full commitment.


What are the criteria for selection as a coach with MHB?
  • Your active participation in the MHB Facebook group which includes responding to questions, engaging with the audience, helping the community etc.
  • Clarity in basic concepts of nutrition & exercise.
  • Knowledge of exercise science and good postures & form should be clear.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good physique.
  • Should be able to work in teams.

You can find this explained in detail on the MHB Academy Facebook group under the ‘Announcements’ section.

How is the live client handling going to work?

So after the live sessions are over, you can bring in 2-3 clients on your own (friends and family) who are ready to commit 4 weeks to the program with you as a coach.

Our senior coaches/faculties will guide you through our dedicated Facebook group and take you through the journey.

 We also run the best trainee competition within the batch to make this process engaging and competitive.

Is there an exam that we have to clear to become eligible for the certification?

Yes! Like any other certification, there is one. Only enrollment does not guarantee your eligibility to be certified.

Is there a fixed date for the assessment?

The assessment is going to happen at a fixed date which will be communicated well in advance along with the live session planner. The assessment only contains MCQ’s. The assessment portal will be open for 24 hours. So, you can take it anytime within those 24 hours. Please note that this is not a “study at your own pace” course.

What is the passing criteria?

If you score more than 35%, you are eligible to get a certificate.

How many attempts will I get to clear the assessment?

You will get two attempts to clear the assessment. First, along with your current batch and second, with the upcoming/next batch.

Is it possible to change the batch once I have enrolled myself?

Yes, you can change your batch by paying INR 2.5k as a batch change fee.

I don’t live in India, can I still take this course?

Yes, our program is totally online.

What happens if by any chance I happen to miss any live session or lecture?

You don’t have to worry at all. We have got you covered here as well. Our live sessions are recorded and the recordings are shared with you over the drive. You can watch them any time as per your own convenience.

Are these recordings going to be there even after the course is over?

Yes, you can have access the recordings and study material for a maximum of three months.

Do I still get the certificate if I choose not to work with live clients?

Yes, as long as you score more than 35% marks in the assessment, you are eligible.

Can I do the course now and request for an interview a few months later?

Yes, you can! As long as you have completed the course and followed all the criteria for hiring, you can come back to us anytime!

If I don’t get selected as a coach with MHB in the current batch, do I have to join the next batch to try again?

No, we give a chance to everyone for an interview if they fulfill all the criteria. Even if you don’t qualify to become a coach with MHB, please don’t be disheartened, you don’t have to join our next batch to reapply. Just work on the feedback that you were given and come back to us in 3 months. But remember to stay active on our FB group!

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